MY Community

The local Starbucks coffeehouse has become a central part of many neighborhoods by serving as a place for people to gather, talk and share.

But Starbucks believes it can contribute even more to local communities, by encouraging our partners to become responsible neighbors and active participants in the places where they live, work and play. It is an important part of our company’s culture and values.

Here are some of the programs and initiatives for our neighborhood:

Rumah Soleha

Bukit Bintang Central Environmental Committee, Kuala Lumpur

This is a continuous project by Bukit Bintang Green Central Environmental Committee, which takes place twice a year in the span of every 6 months. It is a sustainable CSR program that involves, the DBKL, Police, Bomba, Alam Flora, IWK, shopping mall and Hotels in Bukit Bintang, making it is fantastic CSR platform to be involved in - especially where it is a community where 9 of Starbucks stores are allocated. Starbucks provides refreshments, iced tea, iced coffee and light breakfast for over 500 participants.

What we do in the CSR? Partners are divided into groups to mix with participants from various organizations, they will be cleaning at the designated area and mingle with other participants, at the end of the Gotong Royong there will be lucky draws with interesting prices to be won which includes buffet lunch, dinner, hotel stay and electronic gadgets.

This is the 3rd year we’ve been concurrently involved in, and the number of participants from Starbucks Partners to customers has increased from year to year. Inspiring others, portraying young dynamic citizens being responsible neighbours – the future generation that will inherit the city in the near future.

Special Children School, Jalan Gertak Merah, Johore Bahru

Starbucks has been working together with the school since 2009. It started off with cleaning works within the premises and partners engaging and befriending these under privilege kids, eventually, Starbucks decided to adopt the school.

Much charity drive have been done since, such as organizing jumble Sale, Food fair and Car wash as fundraisers – in aid to support the schools programs. One of the program highlight that took place in 2012 was landscaping and repainting of the whole school, this alone took 6 month to complete. Restoration to the backyard was done as the final touch was converting it to a Botanical garden in which is supported by NGOs from Australia. Starbucks partners then invited customers to help in planting herbal plants and trees by using used coffee ground.

Starbucks also celebrated children’s day with the kids – having game sessions, karaoke session, storytelling, as well as coloring contest. At least 30 Starbucks partners volunteered to visit this school every quarter. Most of them have been visiting this school regularly for the past 4 years.