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Careers in our Support Centers

We call our corporate office a “support center” For a good reason—everything we do there is to support our retail store partners and in turn, make an impact on the communities we serve. The Malaysia support center supports the Starbucks stores nationwide. Here you’ll find careers in design, finance, operations, technology and much more.

Our Departments

We’re the number crunchers. We are responsible for providing the business with accounting services and support that include the preparation of monthly management accounts, variance analysis, debt management, credit management and annual statutory accounts. We provide valuable financial information to management and leadership to support and help them in the decision making process.

Finance plays a key role when it comes to keeping Starbucks financially strong. We’re all about planning, reviewing, forecasting and identifying opportunities for growth. It’s a fast paced department, working cross functionally, we partner with all departments offering support in any strategic decision making.
We put the profit into our product. Category are responsible for bringing profitable new product innovation to Starbucks stores, these include new beverages, food products and retail merchandise items. Through the introduction of the most creative, delicious, crave-able products and experiences we aim to deepen the Customer-Partner connection. Internally, we work very closely with supply chain, marketing and R&D.
We are responsible for ensuring that the coffee quality at Starbucks meets the global standards. We know about all the beans, its flavors, characteristics and taste profile! We also play a big part in helping to cultivate the Starbucks Reserve® portfolio in Malaysia and also helping train and develop our partners coffee skills through the coffee master and advance coffee master certification programs. We indeed do love our coffee very much!
We make Starbucks dreams a reality. Our team provides the planning, project management, technical assistance and financial oversight in new store and renovation projects. We maintain the highest standards of excellence, delivering the Starbucks experience in every one of our beautiful stores and are the brand guardians, the magicians who can transform 2D drawings into beautifully constructed stores!

As a Facilities team we integrate partners and customers seamlessly. Facilities are key to maintaining our Brand Standards and the productivity of the core business. We encompass multi-disciplinary activities within the build environment and manage their impact upon people and the workplace. We work with all departments across the business in a truly open and transparent manner.
We aim to serve and delight our customers beyond Starbucks retail outlets across channels, categories and countries. Our CPG team bring this experience to life, and do it in an entrepreneurial and innovative way. We work in partnership with Foodservice providers and Licenced shops to deliver Starbucks beverages and standards to consumers who may be at work, out of home or away from our normal high street shops.
Starbucks is known for more than just great coffee, we are also known for creating an idyllic “third place” (first place – home, second place - work, third place – Starbucks) where customers feel welcome and at home. We are a design-led company and as such the design team is central to everything we do at Starbucks. Aside from creating outstanding interiors; we develop new programmes and innovations in store. All roles involve visiting the site, creating concepts, 3D visuals and store planning and working cross functionally.
From improving an existing product line to generating whole new ones, food development is the lifeblood of Starbucks. As part of the food development team, we are the solutions, drawing on a wealth of experience accumulated through their years of experience in the kitchen creating, innovating and developing new flavors, new recipes and a whole new menu experience for our customers.
We are are responsible for developing the strategy for all customer touch points in a Starbucks store and in the digital world. This includes all the product campaigns, like the Pumpkin Spice Latte! And digital campaigns on social media, promotions, as well as new initiatives like the Starbucks Card, CRM, ecommerce and mobile apps. We are all about connection with our customers and do everything they can to create it!
Everything we do is to support our retail store partners to deliver a consistent Starbucks Experience to every customer and Make Every Moment Right. At the Starbucks Support Centre in Malaysia, our Central Operations team prioritises projects and promotions to ensure our partners can exceed customer expectations and execute store operations. Our Retail Operations team consist of Regional managers and district managers who are the store managers’ coaches and leaders. Our customer service commitment is to make every moment right to ensure we are delivering a true Starbucks Experience. The Customer Service team receives and shares feedback from our customers, which helps our company stand apart and grow. We listen to our customers and respond in kind. We analyse customer feedback and provide insight in order to continue to create inspired moments for every customer, every day.
We’re all about our partners. We work closely together to attract, support and develop the right people at the right time. We work in functional teams such as HR, Recruitment, Learning and Development, Education, Total Reward (Comp and Benefits), and Payroll. We act as strategic partners to the business and together, we build and deliver programs and resources that are relevant, and that shape careers to help our partners become the very best they can be.
We are the voice of Starbucks! Our Public Affairs team includes our Corporate Social Responsibility, Community Involvement, and Diversity and Inclusion groups. As a team we promote and protect the Starbucks brand reputation (internally and externally) in many ways. This may include corporate, digital and partner communication and engagement plans or strategic alliances and platforms. Together, we lead the company in conveying one voice to partners, customers, shareholders, media influencers, communities and the public.
We are key to ensure customers have a great experience day in – day out. Our main role is to manage and maintain the quality and safety standards of food and beverage in store, working collaboratively with the factory to ensure consistency. This is a very technical and analytical role, and it’s exciting because every day is very different!
In Real Estate we spend a lot of time out and about searching for the perfect location of our next Starbucks store. Our team lead the selection of new sites and are the key to lease negotiations for existing and future retail sites, ensuring a superior real estate position is secured.
We set and lead the strategic direction that secures all physical assets (retail and non-retail) and ensure the safety of the workforce and customers across Starbucks more than 320 stores in Malaysia. Our team are subject matter experts in physical security, risk intelligence, security technology systems, business resiliency (partner preparedness, crisis management, and business continuity), supply chain security and occupational safety.
We bring all areas together to make sure everything runs smoothly. We work with stores across Malaysia to ensure that supplies are always available for our baristas and their customers. From coffee to cups to chairs and more – our team manages outbound deliveries to Starbucks retail stores, distribution channels and outlets. Needless to say, this is a complex exercise! The entire function covers a large range of different areas including Sourcing, Planning, Logistics, and Supply Chain Development.
We provide the technology to enable our global business and deliver exceptional digital experiences to our customers and partners. We do this by providing retail solutions, end user support, supplier management, programme and project management expertise.

Focus on Design

Starbucks is known for more than just great coffee, we are also known for creating an idyllic “third place” (first place – home, second place - work, third place – Starbucks) where customers feel welcome and at home. We are a design-led company and as such the design team is central to everything we do at Starbucks. Aside from creating outstanding interiors; we develop new programmes and innovations in store. All roles involve visiting the site, creating concepts, 3D visuals and store planning and working cross functionally.

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Support Center Training & Education

Partners joining our support centres will attend a Starbucks Experience workshop to understand more about the company, our history and our mission and values. They will also have the opportunity to spend time working in our stores as well as completing a bespoke immersion programme designed specifically for their role. At Starbucks we continuously invest in our Partners with individual development plans and training and leadership programmes.

Support Center Benefits

It’s really important that all of our people feel valued, that’s why we regularly benchmark our salaries and make sure we offer the best benefits and rewards.

Core Benefits

Life Assurance

Providing financial assistance to your family should the worst happen.

Private medical insurance

Get the best treatments from our panel of clinics and rest assured we’ll cover the fees.

Flexible Benefits

Claim from a variety benefits from dental, eye, chiropractors, and many more to fit your needs.

25 days holiday

25 days holiday.

Perks at work

Enjoy various discounts from our wide range of partner brands so that you can save on everything from food to shopping!

Partner card

As a Starbucks Partner, you can receive a 30% discount of food, beverages and merchandise in any stores throughout Malaysia.


We realize the importance of recognizing the achievements of our partners. We have a number of recognition rewards, which allow everyone to celebrate in the success that we all strive towards.